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Updated on : september 24th, 2016
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    At first, BagPipe software has been created for helping Great Highlands Bagpipes players to :
    • Compose tunes scores :
    • select note value using the mouse wheel (or Next/Previous keys) then click on the staff to engrave the note,
      • as an option, sound of the note can be played as the mouse moves on the staff,
      • some embellishments are available via keyboard shortcuts (HA, HG, E and D grace notes, doublings, birl, Taorluath).
      • because notes are automatically grouped when is is possible, let use "breaks" (b key) to split a group.
    • Digitalize existing scores, scanned as GIF files.
    • Transpose scottish scores into breton notation and vice versa.
    • Import ABC and BWW files, exports ABC files.
    • Highlight score parts, as with a "stabilo boss".
    • Put annotations on the scores.
    • Produce PDF printable files.
    • Help learning a tune or play duo with the computer :
      • Play the tune with the GHB or the practice pipe sound :
        • the whole score, taking or not into account repeat signs,
        • a selected part of the score,
        • or starting from a note.
        • one shot or continuous playing
      • Grace notes and embellishments notes have the same duration ; it is tunable.
      • All grace notes and embellishments are maskable.
      • Silent reading : in this mode, no sound is played but notes are visualy played, as in a karaoke.
      • Optional repeats playing.
      • Optional pipe band start and ryhtmic with drums.
    • Offer optional visual representation of the fingerings.
    • Learn to tune your drones with your chanter, thanks to realtime spectrograms.
    • Record yourself using the "parrot" mode : no need to hit the keyoard neither to clik ! Just play : recording starts automatically when the input level is high enough, then stops after a long enough silence. Then the recorded tune is automatically played. When it finishes, let just play again.
    • Two metronomes availables : a built in one and a standalone one.


    In a second time, the software (beginning with 1.3 version) has been opened to other wind based G clef instruments :
    • Extended scale (19 notes).
    • Accidentals.
    • Rest signs.
    • Modifiable key signatures (breton mode only).
    • Optionnel background bass drum rythmic and "pipe band" start.
    • Possibility of changind time or tempo at each staff.
    • Staffs justification.
    • Configuration of characters fonts and colors.
    • Scales samples can be provided by the user.
    With 1.4 release come mainly :
    • Hight quality graphism (notes antialiasing).
    • Tunes lists.
    • Embelishments custumisable palette and user's keyboard shortcuts.
    • Batch export of a whole tunes folder to a mobile device (PDF and WAV files generation).
    • One can compose and listen multi voices tunes, for multiple instruments.
    • One can compose and listen specific voices for the snare drum.
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Main window - scottish notation (click to enlarge)

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Main window - breton notation (click to enlarge)

Audio example : "High Road to Gairloch" (BagPipe's WAV export file encoded to MP3)
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PDF generated file (click to enlarge)

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Preferences pannel (click to enlarge)

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Embelishments palette

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Mixted score : bagpipes + snare drum

download the sheet : "Rowan tree bagpipes + snare"


The software is made of a single executable file, so no installation/uninstallation are needed.

Because BagPipe is writen in TCL/TK, it works on Windows (98/2000/XP/VISTA/Seven/8/8.1), Linux, MacOS / Intel / Darwin (Tiger, Leopard, Snow) and Android.

BagPipe is free of charge and free of use.

What BagPipe can't do :
  • ABC standard format is not fully supported, so reading of non BagPipe's written scores could fail.
  • BWW standard format is not fully supported, so some embellishments could be ignored. In such case, a debug message explains it.
  • I am thinking about an ANDROID version.

Don't hesitate to contact me in case of bug or issue ; I'll answer very quickly and fix it asap.
Powered by the freewares TCL/TK, BWidget, Snack, tkPath, tkhtml and FreeWrap
BagPipe is free of charge and free of use.
By an other hand, if you enjoy this software and wish to support me, you can make a cash donation using PayPal.

The standalone metronome.

The drone's tunner.

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